Welcome Cheapest Mover help page:

Issues while booking online.

Nothing happens when I click next:

  • You didn’t enter all the fields.
  • You browser JAVA is not up to date – Try another browser.
  • You left a space after you email address so make sure there is no spaces.
  • Lastly refresh your browser & enter all the fields correctly & it will work.

I didn’t get an SMS:

  • You haven’t completed the booking steps (Ensure you clicked on “PLEASE ORDER”) & that will send you an SMS.

I have added 2 bookings by a mistake. How do I cancel one?

  • Please click on the shopping cart icon on the top menu & then view cart or click HERE
  • On the far left next to service description click on the x to cancel one & then refresh the page.

These are the only 3 issues we had so far so please make sure that you have followed the above steps before contacting us.

If you are still facing issues you can submit a booking request by clicking here (Submit a Booking Request) this will take a few hours for sales to enter the booking & is subjsect to avalibility when sales is entering so it is best to book online if you can