Request For A House Moving Or Office Moving Onsite Survey

We have 2 options to get a quote:

1 – Online & it is free, Just fill the online form first & we will quote you accordingly: Click here

2- Onsite, We charge $55 – $65 for an onsite quotation, if your job is $350 & above & you book with us we will deduct it from jobs total cost, You can book an appointment online today from the below:


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Do you supply recycled boxes? Yes for jobs above $400 (Refundable deposit for the use of the boxes may be required)
What is the size? 42x42x42cm is our average size
Can i get bigger boxes for my larger items? Yes, We will mix some bigger boxes & medium boxes however we can’t give you all large boxes
If my booking is above $400 will you send the boxes before my moving date? Yes, We will
Do i need to fill the quote if i am booking a pre-priced package or pay per load? No, you can go ahead & book any of our pre-priced packages
Is the quote piece fixed? Yes, as long as the items & info are correct when you submit it or you have an onsite quote done
How do i confirm the quote? Use the quote ID to book online
Do you apply for the condo permit for me? We can do @ a cost of $50 per application + any other cost which is applied by your condo management


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